story time

Some days there is no work. I get up early and study. I like those days especially when its cold.


Western Culture is No Longer Cool

IN 1991 Metallica played an open air concert in Moscow attended by 1.6 million young Russians: The soviet union had just collapsed. Rock and Roll was here at last. And in the soviet Union there was nothing cooler than rock and roll and blue denim jeans. Western culture was king and the young completely... Continue Reading →

In Defence of the French

The problem with the French is that they have been looking down on Britain for the last millennium. The problem with that is the British ruled the world for about 200 years and left that dove-tailing reverence for France in a muddy hole around the time of Shakespeare. This left French pride in a peculiar... Continue Reading →

The Blame Game

An interesting side show in the Trump election carnival is the liberal left's soul search, or maby its witch hunt, to find out why people don't like them. Zizek blames people like Jon Steward and John Oliver for their style of mocking. He says it enrages those who subscribe to those beliefs and pushes them... Continue Reading →

Satre and the Diary

The user of diaries have tapped into an idea Sartre mentions in Nausea. The idea of giving your life a narrative form by recounting the day from beginning to end gives the diarist the feeling that his life is an 'adventure'. It is not 'days tacked onto days' but rather care is introduced by way... Continue Reading →

Steven Fry

When i look at Steven Fry as he gives one of his 'passionate' defences of atheism all I can see is a man who deep down doesn't really care about anything. He can put on the stern face and raise his voice and point his finger but he is unable to take anything seriously. His... Continue Reading →

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