Early Mornings

Getting straight into your studies at five in the morning can be difficult. The temptation to take your time, ‘i’ll start when i finish my coffee…*finishes coffee*…6 o’clock is only 15 mins away, ill start then’ is exacerbated by the fact that most of the time you feel like your brain wouldn’t respond to gun shoved in your face, let alone getting to terms with irregular verbs.

One trick i find that helps is leaving your work space ready for work, and writing a little note to remind you of your motivation. If you can manage to make it strait from bed to kettle, kettle to book without interruption, getting going and staying immersed in that world mentally is much easier. I also find when we begin without interruption, without polluting our minds with football results, celebrity biographies and junk news, we gain the feeling of control over this little world which puts us in a position to become attuned to the creative possibilities. We are able to see more effective strategies for learning, we become more enthusiastic about all the little things that we need to do and even get that buzz from being happily busy (ok, maybe that’s just the caffeine…)


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