Odysseian Reply

In Homers Odyssey, the hero Odysseus has an interesting feature. He never backs down from a challenge. This can be imported from the fiction into our own meaning making. For instance, when we ask ourselves ‘should i get up or stay in bed for five more minutes?’ the Odysseian reply is always, without fail to get up. To become Odysseian (to a respectable degree) the trial period of 30 days must be passed.

One more interesting example of this is how do we reply to the offer of new important knowledge? When i lived in London it took me three years to learn my mobile telephone no. I didn’t initially sit down and take 5 minutes to learn it, which made having to give it out a nuisance. Returning to Oz, i learned my new no. off by heart. Learning phone or cards numbers, spelling words properly or even picking up new ones are all part of that attitude.

To be a person who does not ignore these details with laze.

To challenge yourself when confronted by gaps in your understanding of the culture.

To Always accept that challenge.


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