Sleepy Days and Summer Laze

Yesterday, i kept it tight. I woke, did my Spanish, did some coursework, a bit of Lynda and read some Heidegger. SO in the afternoon i felt no guild about treating myself to a few poems and a nap. Without that tension, my desire to have a poem break would not exist. I would rather a Donald-News break which really just stirs you up. It is the difference between watching leaves float upon a river and leaves washed about a whirlpool.

When the tension is loosed, there can be no balancing act, we fall off before we take one step, a game we soon get sick of and return to our Donald-News. When we have it tight, we can see parts that may be tightened more or discover new challenges. We feel our strength grow. Our confidence overcomes. We look for places to aim ourselves. And its an awful lot easier to walk the tightrope when it is tense than when it is loose.


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