Pain and Rejection

Some of the most memorable painful experiences (or recurring pains) are inflicted by way of human rejection. Things like being rejected from another person or group for something trivial, like a soccer game or birthday party can hang around forever, jumping out at us when related thoughts arise. Our core value as humans is our pride, and we do what we do in order to be proud of ourselves and accepted or better yet respected by others. And pride, it seems, is a derivatave of fear. The pain of rejection, of humiliation can drive us to excel, to haul ourselves up to a point from which no one can ever make us feel those stings.

I’ll leave you with the stories of two men. One, the son of an embarassing alcoholic, born poorer than most in a poor town. Humiliated by teachers for being smelly. The other, was a dwarf. Those two men are Rolando and Messi.


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