Western Culture is No Longer Cool

IN 1991 Metallica played an open air concert in Moscow attended by 1.6 million young Russians:

The soviet union had just collapsed. Rock and Roll was here at last. And in the soviet Union there was nothing cooler than rock and roll and blue denim jeans. Western culture was king and the young completely rejected their elders ways of thinking .The old soviet authorities were like the embarrassing drunk father, saying things that made people point and laugh at him. America was like the cool step-dad who takes you to the theme park.

When Russian football hooligans took over the streets in euro 2016 we saw that this era of admiration was long over. The disgust expressed in the modern liberal British press was ridiculed by Russian Public figures. The most interesting came from a top police official, Vladimir Markin, “The Europeans are surprised when they see a real man looking like a man should. They’re only used to seeing ‘men’ at gay parades.”.


Russian hoolignanism is embraced by the state

Western culture has once again become something to be despised by Russian authorities, only this time Russians freely agree. Looking out from their icy wasteland the Russian watched the west fought hard to protect the comfort and liberty of unhindered enemies, made being gay fashionable and male aggression despicable. Clearly they no longer want to be like us.

When we were young

When the liberal democracies of the US, England and France won the second world war they pushed on to develop themselves in such an admirable fashion that their way of life was thoughtlessly perceived around the world as the only right way. Over time the idea that anything we did was the right thing made us fat. We forgot that we lived in a world of competitive ideas. And while we spent the last few decades pruning the flowers and shaping our cultural garden we became oblivious to the outside world jumping-up to peer over the fence then jumping-back to spit his disgust.

I have compiled the following list of societies where  western ideas have fallen like a statue of Saddam Hussein:

Human rights in the Philippines

Filipino president Duharte is 7000 bodies into his social clean up. The western attacks against his crimes have been rebuked: “I don’t give a shit about human rights.”

And is all the more popular for telling his international critics to fuck off.

The progressive elite that imagine themselves navigating the world toward some omnitolerant utopia can’t comprehend why his terrifying guerrilla war on drug addicts hasn’t erased peoples faith in his sanity.

What they don’t see is how little reverence remains for the sacred order of human rights outside their own hives. Like a rocket that launched spectacularly but lost a booster and now races back to earth, the idea of human rights as the pure code of human law whose integrity must be insured beyond everything else, has failed. In the western countries that largely toe the line, more people are feeling a helpless anger as they watch their societies constantly spat upon by immigrant groups they thought they were helping.

The Turn of Turkey

After about a decade of teasing Turkey with the possibility of EU membership, the country finally got fed up and went anti-europe. They let their true feeling dictate their actions. There would be no recognition of the Armenian genocide, or gay pride parades or freedom of speech to disrespect their country or religion. Islamization falls gently upon the nation as I write, building up like snow, a clear landscape for clear ideas.

Erdogan-2President Erdogan is using muslim pride and natural hostility toward the west to empower himself and lead the retreat back from liberal ideas to koranic ones

They stopped tiptoeing around the garden minding the flowers and began to walk with their natural gait. And they won’t be returning soon.

Japan, racial superiority and empire

The Japanese nation is 99% ethnically Japanese. Despite being the second strongest economy in the world for the last thirty years and a very high HDI they have never been obliged to accept foreign refugees or immigration, even as they deal with a rapidly aging population and  the worlds lowest birthrate.

They stood at the buffet of western ideas, took scoop of democracy and one of women’s equality then lavished capitalism on top. Multiculturalism was looked at as if it was Vegemite; a strange tasting idea that not even all the natives like.


The west always assumes that once a country has an effective democracy, they never go back. This may be true in the EUrosphere but in places where one culture was defeated in war and then forced to take on the institutions of the victor, the teary eyed love of freedom and democracy doesn’t come without an uneasy feeling of self-disgust.

The daily beast has a very interesting article that tells the story of the powerful figures that  to destroy the western impositions in japan:




The Arab Spring

In 2011 we watched as the Arab world was shook by the grate. I kept a close eye on the news at the time. Freedom, tolerance and democracy were the goals (still listed as goals on the Arab Spring Wikipedia page). Thinking back, with the Tump election and Brexit loaded into my hindsight, I now see that the media choose the most radically westernised, english speaking youths to interview to provide us with the idea that ‘We want to be like you! Help us be like you!’.

Egypt-Women-Protest-Arab-SpringImages like these made westerners think all arab countries wanted to be liberal democracies, made in our own image

There is no liberal democracy in any of the countries that revolted and threw out their governments. Egypt and Tunisia replaced their military dictators with Islamist’s. Lybia and Yeman descended into chaos. What happened to and continues in Syria is a fatal disgrace to the idea that ceaseless war can be prevented or stopped by sickly soft handed diplomats in Brussels and New York.


Progressive left outpaced their army but have not yet realised how isolated they are

WHEN we saw brexit happen it was a complete shock. The press reporting assured us that well-balanced people would vote to Bremain, and only a handful of racist lunatics would venture from their hermitages to cast their pointless vote to leave the magnificent EU. Then when trump was ranting and raving across america we were again assured that his tiny following would be wiped out in a deep blue tsunami hitting the east coast and pouring gracefully across all fifty states. Now we are told he is a madman, locked up in his tower plotting and scheming schizophrenic ideas that the country is appalled by.

The reality is his mind is much closer to that of the average man than any of the progressives. His gravity is pulling what is acceptable in our culture in the opposite direction  to the grassy path the progressives made out for us. I’d bet if you put executive order 13769 to a referendum in the US, Australia, Germany,France, The UK, Netherlands or Sweden, it would win.

As the world begins to turn its back on the western ways that once sold themselves perhaps we too should reconsider our position. We are still the hare racing the tortoise but may have veered too far down the wrong path. To bolt the door on so many basic human feelings in the pursuit of tolerance ‘above them all’ has left us without many admirers, even in our own societies.



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