Hypernormal (incomplete)

The Adam Curtis documentary, Hyper-normalisation is one of his less effective works. This time the story is about a world in which we pull our heads under the covers to escape the boogeyman and instead live in our safe dreamworld under the covers. He begins by telling the story of Hanif Al Assad, how Henry... Continue Reading →


Story of my life

I woke up early that morning. The house was quiet and cool. I made coffee and went upstairs to read Spanish. I had lost my glasses a few days before. I looked out the window and wondered weather my eyes were deteriorating. I took a sip of my tea, warm and soothing. I felt fresh,... Continue Reading →

The Forest Clearing

When you are a student, be a student. Put yourself under the light and keep yourself there for that is the only place the whispers of the muses can be heard. And to hear them can quench the stinging in your heart, even if only for a while. The longest streak of Grecian peace was... Continue Reading →


Athens battled Sparta for The right to rule the world And armies of a million men Were by a few unfurled The caucophany, the philosophy To give the west a start When Aescalus took a drop of pain And put it in your heart

A Poem for the Id

I have a head full of refugees. "Where do they come from" you ask From those craggy evening lands "And what drips from sloppy lips?" bloody ignorance and blood feuds A land so deep and twisted Achaean light could never kiss.

The stale OS

The meaning we find, the image of ourselves we give ourselves. We can use it and love it ("I am a humanitarian, I believe fighting injustice, To be powerful is all important etc") but they can of course become tiring, redundant or perhaps the pretty mask is violently torn to reveal an unhuman face (Like... Continue Reading →

Settlers of the Mind

The early mornings are flooded with tenacious "snack food" thoughts (you feed on them till they bore you and then feel sick all afternoon). They welcome themselves into your house, put their feet up on the table, their smelly socks die the room with a strong foreign scent. They take advantage of the minds vulnerability,... Continue Reading →

Pain and Rejection

Some of the most memorable painful experiences (or recurring pains) are inflicted by way of human rejection. Things like being rejected from another person or group for something trivial, like a soccer game or birthday party can hang around forever, jumping out at us when related thoughts arise. Our core value as humans is our... Continue Reading →

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