Pro-Palestine, Pro-LGBT and the End of Multiculturalism

It has always seemed strange to me that members of activist groups who push for gay marriage and transsexual bathrooms can simultaneously support the Palestinian cause under the Islamist Hamas political party.

It is clear that they like the idea of standing with the weak against a strong oppressor. It is also clear that they want a world without prejudice. Yet in Gaza homosexuality is illegal and punishable by death.  In Israel large annual gay pride rallies are held in several different cities.

Obviously the activist does not support the execution of homosexuals and would be delighted to see Israeli levels of acceptance all around the world. Yet whenever a tit-for-tat lights up Israel are seen as blood thirsty bullies kicking around the noble, gentle, helpless Palestinian. Why do they ignore the violence against the gay’s by Palestinians?

I find it difficult to see why ‘outside’ people take sides in the Israel-Palestine conflict. The way I see it is a moral deadlock.The Palestinians are right to fight back against their oppression, they have had their land taken from them and are treated like dogs on the land they have managed to retain.  I also think the Israels are right to secure their society, and should feel the right to the land they won and held against multinational arab coalitions in 1967 and 1973. In this shitty situation where everyone is right and wrong  why is it that Israelis are held to a higher standard? Why do the activist not consider the brutal ideas of the Palestinians as warranting isolation? How can we make this make sense?

1. Israeli’s are European people and should know better

Holding the Jews to a higher standard is really just a subtle form of racism against the arab Palestinian. Implied is that people who originate in western Europe should all be held to a high standard of political and social morality, no matter how difficult their situation.

Looking back to apartheid South Africa (an old close friend of Israel, with whom they developed their nuclear weapons) we see the same thing. A white racist political establishment became the most politically isolated on earth. Across the Eurosphere from Australia to the UK to the USA students regularly poured out onto the streets to protest against this unjust government.


Anti apartheid protest in London 1984

At the same time the actions of leaders like Mobutu in the Congo and Idi Amin in Uganda never pulled people out onto the streets with placards, no matter what they did.

When the crippling sanctions eventually brought down the apartheid system, subsaharan africa was largely forgotten about by the activists. There was no longer somebody who should know better and could be screamed at. There were only people who it didn’t make us feel good to criticise.

2. What is really expected of the Palestinians

The idea of the LGBT activist who respects the culture of all the worlds people is a cover for what they really want: to colonise the minds of the world with ideas that originate in the progressive pockets of the Eurosphere.

The Palestinians have a social culture that would be condemned from every direction at every hour of the day if it existed in, say, Denmark. The activist groups are savage in their attacks on any Eurospheric public figures whose words tend even one degree to the homophobic.


Women involved in athletics is something ubiquitous in the west and controversial in the Muslim world. The spread of this culture is seen as part of western colonisation by many fundamentalist muslims

Palestinian homophobia will of course never make its way into western culture but it cannot be forced from them either. This is the core of the multicultural idea. Welcome people in, show them how well you live and they will revere your values, become just like you and come to despise the ways of the old country.

When this works well it is effective in both spreading the progressive western values and making ‘natives’ feel good about coexisting with people who come from strange places. Theres nothing more ingratiating than coming to Australia and developing a love of cricket.

The problem is that strong Islam, like the West, also wants to conquer the minds of the world. For a Muslim to accept homosexuals as human beings free to engage with whoever they choose is also to reject the idea of the unquestionable perfection of the ideas in the Koran.


Jihadi john renounced westernism and joined the islamic state.

While many muslims are becoming westernised, this is becoming rapidly undone in many young men searching for purpose, finding emptiness in western culture and fulfilment in fundamentalist Islam.

3. Why multiculturalism has failed

When people immigrate to different countries with humility, respect for their new society and a desire to be respected by their new society, multiculturalism works very well in spreading the western mindset. It is true that most new migrant groups face a baptism of racial abuse and general disrespect before they blend into the mix and become ‘more Irish than the Irish’.

Whist some may argue that is what is happening now with muslims I would argue that this is one group that western countries will find impossible to properly digest. What is stated literally in Islam and subtly in western culture is that each feels that their ideas should colonise the world. The fact is the West and Islam are now in a battle for world domination, and while the westernisation of muslims was on a good course, the refugee crisis combined with the Islamic states terrorist attacks, which are specifically aimed at derailing this westernising, has caused mass loss of faith in the ability of the multicultural front to bring victory.

Around the world, muslim countries are reviving the idea that total Islamic domination of life is the only way to live. Turkey has virtually wiped out its westernised elite and Egypt and Tunisia have replaced westernised dictators with very popular funaimentalist proponents of sharia law.  As western ideas begin to lose their grip on muslim countries, we find them also loosing their grip on muslims in the Eurosphere.

At the moment we are seeing the last pleas from the progressive left for more time to show that muslims can become westernerised through multiculturalism. They have spent the last thirty or so years dismissing dissenting voices as racist or fascist but now find these tactics have little effect and these words mean little to nothing.

The pendulum has already passed its equilibrium and is now accelerating to the right. How far it will climb and weather europe can safeguard itself from repetitions of its very recent history is something we should really concern ourselves with.


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